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A hostess bar is a bar where customers purchase drinks from a female bartender. The bartender serves the drink while also providing flirtatious conversation with the customer. Usually, the patrons are seated in an area away from other customers. The hostess is paid for her services, and the hostess may be required to engage in paid dates with the customers. Do hostess clubs exist in America? Hostess bars are popular with male customers. These are the type of bars that you find in regular neighborhoods and in red-light 강남룸싸롱. The women tend to be pretty young, but not necessarily all of them are. Some are poor girls from other Asian countries. When the economy took off in Taiwan in the 1980s, more and more Japanese businessmen flooded to the island. To cater to the demand for these customers, more and more Vietnamese hostess clubs opened. The hostess job also consists…

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