How to Choose a Cufflink Shirt

How to Choose a Cufflink Shirt

cufflink shirt

A cufflink shirt is a great addition to any man’s formal wardrobe. They can be worn with suits, slacks and dress shirts. You can also wear cufflinks to liven up a business or casual shirt. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern style, Sirri Clothing has the perfect cufflink shirt for you.

Cufflinks are small buttons that are inserted through holes on a cuff of a shirt. They’re designed to prevent cuffs from flapping. Some have locking mechanisms, which ensure they’ll stay in place. Some are simple, while others have intricate designs.

The type of cufflink you choose will affect the way it’s secured. Some cufflinks are fixed in place, while others have a toggle or stud closure. The most popular type of cufflinks has a toggle, which flips on a hinge once inserted.

So, What Should You Choose

The type of cufflinks you choose depends on the style of your sleeve. If you’re wearing a shirt with button cuffs, you might consider using a chain link cufflink. These links have a connecting chain that can be pushed through the cuff. You’ll then set the cufflink into its closed position.

You can also choose a shirt that features convertible barrel cuffs. These shirts have two buttonholes on each side of the fabric. They’re useful for wearing underneath a turtleneck or knitwear. These cuffs aren’t as formal as French cuffs. However, they’re ideal for those who want to wear a shirt with buttons on other occasions.

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